Creating the perfect Woodland Nursery

Creating the perfect Woodland Nursery

I've been having some fun creating a little Woodland themed nursery with some of our woodland creatures. Photo layouts are almost as exciting to me as doing the crochet plus they can really help you picture what works and what doesn't in a room. So we put our heads together and each made our favourite critters to have in a nursery ...

Tilly's picks:

mr and mrs peter rabbitPeter Rabbit is certainly up there on Tilly's pick list. She has made so many of these bunnies that she doesn't even need the pattern anymore! And when she wants to mix it up we have grey bunnies, and black bunnies, and capes instead of jackets.

The cuddle me toys is another favourite of hers. So many designs, all based around the same basic body means we can adapt them however we need. Both the honey bear and rascally raccoon are perfect cuddling size (hence the name) but also designed for hours of play.

Ruth's picks:

raccoon tiebackThe curtain tie backs get her every time - so many cute options! In the woodland collection we have sloths and raccoons, both super adorable. Even though we call them tie backs, their long arms can be tied around anything - bags, cribs, pushchairs, your wrist, the list goes on. Why limit yourself to just curtains?

woodland quilt with orange foxesBeing a quilter, it is no surprise that Ruth's other favourite item from our woodland nursery is the cot quilt. Like everything Ruth makes with fabric, this is truly a one of a kind item that one lucky baby will have on their bed. Both Tilly and I have done our dash with babies so that leaves it up from grabs for one of you!

My (Amanda's) picks:

framed woodland animals - fox, rabbit and deer

Of all the items we used in this photo, my favourite to make is definitely the Framed Woodland Animals. It doesn't get much cuter than a baby fox head, baby rabbit head and a baby deer head mounted on wooden picture frames right? Ok a little weird, but still super cute!

woodland mobile with baby fox, baby raccoon, tree, mountain and a red owlIt was a hard choice between those and the woodland mobile. Coming up with new ideas, even adapting your tried and true patterns (hello baby fox) into a new animal is so much fun. Of course it comes with the risk of not working out but I would say this is definitely not one of those occasions. In creating the mobile, we have a new baby raccoon - bonus!

So there you have it - one perfect woodland nursery. Almost makes me want to have another baby so I have an excuse to keep this set up in my house! All the products mentioned are available from our website - we have linked to the ones mentioned over or simply visit our "In the Woods" collection

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