Baby Fox - from start to finish

Baby Fox - from start to finish

This little cutie is so popular, why not take you through how we make him?

What I need:

What I need to make the baby fox
  • 100% Cotton yarn - we use a DK weighted cotton for most of our critters
  • 2.5mm hook (this is what I use, however your tension will determine what size you actually need)
  • Safety Eyes - don't want these coming out so we use safety eyes to make sure they stay in place.
  • Stuffing .... seriously, we use so much fibre fill that we really should look at taking up shares!

Step 1 - making the 'bits':

Making the bits - arms, tail, tummy, ears, nose and bow

The first thing I do is make all the little bits. Arms, ears, tail, nose, tummy, and the bow. Sewing up at the end is probably my least favourite part of creating these critters so I've adapted patterns to crochet things like arms in as I work the body. And let's face it - if they come apart when sewn in this way, we have bigger problems than a detached arm!

Step 2 - head and body time:

Adding safety eyes and eyelashes

Once the little parts are done, next is the body. Our baby fox is worked as one piece from head to foot (as are all of our baby animals actually) so we start at the top and work our way down. Safety eyes are added into the head before getting to the neck as are the eyelashes. Stuffing along the way is required too.

Step 3 - adapting the pattern:

adapting the pattern - crocheting the arms in as we go

As I mentioned earlier, sewing up is my least favourite part so the more I can attach on the way, the better. This means some adapting of the pattern but when you have done as much crochet as I have, it's a pretty simple task. And when you have multiple critters based on the same pattern, such as the cuddle me toys and these baby animals, making up new animals is usually just a case of changing the yarn colour and the accessories.

Step 4 - sewing up:

Baby Fox all pinned up and ready to sew

Once all the parts have been made, it's time to attach the remaining parts that I couldn't sew in along the way. For the baby fox that is the ears, nose, tummy, and bow. Any additional embroidery is added too. Good job these little guys don't take too long to finish off!

Step 5 - finishing touches:

final touches - add label and upload to website

Once the baby fox is sewn up, he just needs a label and to be added in as available stock on the website. Now he's ready for his forever home. Will this little guy go to you? He might even come with a sneaky surprise.

Get my baby fox!

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