Making Forever Memories

TillyBird aims to expand the range of items on offer to make kiwi childhood memories. 

Our unique culture and location often means we can’t find items that represent ‘us’ or we only get what is left over from last seasons trends in the northern hemisphere 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️

But we’re kiwis and we’re not going to take that lying down! 🥝 

We make items that make memories for kiwi kids (even the 18+ kinds of kids!), alongside ballerinas, you’ll find Kapa Haka dolls! Our national bird can and will wear a Santa hat in the height of summer! And we won’t have to wait till next year to get that insta-worthy nursery item that we yearn for!

This week's product spotlight

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Our collections

Here at Tilly Bird we love creating collections. If you are looking to create a gorgeous nursery or your child is totally in love with a certain animal (whether it be unicorns or sheep), browsing the collections is the best place to start. Our collections are just some of the things we can make and most can be customised to suit your tastes and colour scheme.